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Introducing the ProtectWise Cloud Network DVR for Enterprise Security.

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Identify What Matters Most.
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This 30-minute group webinar will cover how ProtectWise provides real-time and retrospective threat intelligence, correlated observation analysis, and full packet capture - all wrapped in an immersive UI.

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ProtectWise eliminates Defense in Doubt by shifting network security to the cloud, making it possible to record, retain and retrospectively analyze full-fidelity network data automatically for a potentially unlimited forensic window. All the heavy lifting is done in the cloud.

Economies of Scale

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Long-term, secure packet retention
  • Unlimited forensic window

Economies of Intelligence

  • Unified data haystack in the cloud
  • Collective correlated threat analysis produces a highly distilled threat signal
  • Automated retrospection

Economies of Value

  • Rapid deployment & immediate
    time to value
  • SaaS delivery model
  • Single, integrated service
  • ProtectWise
  • Economies
    of scale
  • Economies
    of Intelligence
  • Economies
    of Value

Platform Cloud Network DVR

The ProtectWise Cloud Network DVR is a virtual camera in the cloud that records all network traffic so that businesses can see everything, including events in the past, identify what matters most, and respond more quickly and effectively to threats.

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Cloud Network DVR

Records and retains all network traffic creating a long-term network memory in the cloud

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See Everything

  • Netflow, metadata, truncated flows and full-fidelity PCAP by protocol and application
  • Long-term retention allows for analysis of security events and observations now and in the past days, weeks, months and even years


Identify What Matters Most

  • Continuous, automated threat detection and analysis in real-time and retrospectively—finding threats that were previously unknown
  • Correlated, community-scaled threat intelligence and analysis that delivers a highly distilled, prioritized threat signal and eliminates alarm fatigue


React Faster and More Effectively

  • Quickly identify and respond to priority events, manage alarm events, review situational reports, and investigate network activity and threat observations
  • Rapidly access full PCAP to conduct deep-dive, comprehensive forensic investigations and reduce the dwell time between security events and effective response

People are talking Spotlight

Arthur Lessard, SVP & CISO, Universal Music Group image

"Until now, it was a luxury to be able to retain and continuously analyze full packet capture for more than a two week period and it was impossible to automatically play it back for retrospective analysis and detection. ProtectWise has broken this barrier to provide visibility across a complete time horizon, combined with correlated, community-scaled threat detection and powerful visualization to alleviate the complexity of quickly detecting and responding to new threats."

"Cool Vendors in Cloud Security Services, 2015" Gartner, Inc. image

ProtectWise has been included in the Gartner, Inc. report “Cool Vendors in Cloud Security Services, 2015.” The report notes, “Gartner's Cool Vendors in cloud security services offer highly innovative technologies that address an organization's demand for agile, responsive and cost-effective solutions.”

SC Magazine First Look image

"Never, in 52 years in this field, have I seen a collection of dashboards that even comes close to the collection you'll see in ProtectWise. In my view, one of the most difficult things we do is visualization. We have figured out how to capture a lot of data and we have begun to develop very sophisticated analytics. But being able to make sense of all of that data at a glance – and then be able to dig down to any level of detail that we need – is an immense challenge. The folks at ProtectWise have the whole package and the best visualization I ever have seen."

Arthur Lessard, SVP & CISO, Universal Music Group
"Cool Vendors in Cloud Security Services, 2015" Gartner, Inc.
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