Last week we announced ProtectWise has raised an additional $25 million in funding, bringing us to more than $67 million in capital raised to date. We also named to our Board of Directors Jay Leek, managing director at ClearSky, who has an outstanding track record of recognizing disruptive technologies and advising innovators in the security space. We are excited and humbled by the support we continue to receive from  investors and advisors who believe in our vision for delivering a new utility model for enterprise security

When we emerged from stealth mode less than two years ago, I explained why we felt it was necessary to build The ProtectWise Grid™, our flagship enterprise security platform. Our amazing growth in 2016 is validation of the reception to our platform in the marketplace.

We are still in the very early phases of what is going to be a remarkable journey. In 2017, ProtectWise is extremely well positioned to disrupt the legacy packet capture, forensics and IDS markets. But that is just a small part of the entire opportunity available to us. We have equally enormous opportunities in Cloud and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) as the traditional enterprise continues to expand well beyond the traditional perimeter. Our platform embraces a unique model in form factor, coverage and functionality that simply stands apart from anything else in the market.

Our vision is big, and I have no doubt we have the right ingredients to realize it. Our unwavering commitment to innovating the way we do security is not only a huge part of how we reached this point in our success, but what we will continue to build on this year and beyond.

Stay tuned and expect great things in 2017.

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