Closing the time gap from incident detection to triage to resolution is a high priority for every security team.  But with security talent limited, and resources already stretched razor thin - over 62% of respondents in a 2015 (ISC)2 survey said their organization’s security team was understaffed - this becomes even more critical.

Limited time and resources alone are enough to send any security professional screaming for the hills, but that’s just the start. Even more alarming is that it can take just seconds to get compromised, but weeks or months for security analysts to realize something’s gone wrong, and even longer to complete a full investigation.

According to Network World, the average large enterprise customer has over 70 security tools. This number keeps growing as security teams must now expand their toolset as they move workloads to the cloud, With enterprise organizations having to handle thousands of alarms per day from numerous different vendors it is no surprise that many threats go unseen, un-investigated, and un-remediated.

Today’s savvy CISO needs a different approach to security. Enabling efficient end-to-end incident response means making sure multiple solutions can work in harmony. Organizations need to integrate their best of breed solutions, automate repeatable processes, and find solutions that make their team more efficient.

ProtectWise and Phantom believe technology should make enterprise security teams more agile with fewer resources. Our integrated solutions streamline and automate end-to-end threat detection, incident response, and remediation. Imagine being able to trigger an event, open a ticket, and remediate the event automatically. Teams can then spend less time responding and more time proactively hunting for threats.

Our partnership with Phantom enables ProtectWise customers to leverage workflows and integrations with over 110 apps supporting nearly every category of security technology including reputation services, endpoint technologies, sandboxes, firewalls, and common mobile, virtual and cloud-based security solutions.

ProtectWise also provides full-fidelity packet captures to fill the knowledge gap in incident response and add detailed context to identify exactly what came in and what left the network. Now security analysts of any experience level can move quickly from detection to triage to remediation and accomplish in seconds what used to take hours.

With The ProtectWise Grid™, analysts get automated and correlated detection of advanced threats, an unlimited packet capture retrospection window, and the ability to interact intuitively with a massive volume of security data through unique and advanced visual presentation. Our user interface and platform enable a single security strategy to manage and secure enterprise, cloud, and industrial control system (ICS) environments.

The Phantom orchestration platform acts as a connective tissue between multiple security solutions in your enterprise infrastructure. With over 150 different actions and support for over 110 products, its digital “playbooks” enable analysts to manage complex workflows so they can respond to critical situations in a repeatable, auditable way.

Join us at 9:00 AM PST (Noon EST) on Friday, February 10 to learn how the Phantom community can now include ProtectWise in its ever-growing app library, and how Phantom customers can incorporate ProtectWise into their automated playbooks.  

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