It's tough for enterprises to navigate the large number of security point products that are used for managing the current threatscape. At last count, the average large enterprise works with over 50 security vendors in order to provide the needed security. And while reducing the number of point products that an organization has to deal with is an admirable goal, it's currently not realistic. Each of those point products provide valuable information which is needed to sniff out and protect against sophisticated attackers.

What's needed is an approach to security that makes it easy to access data, regardless of where it's been produced, and derive the new insights that add value and protection.

ProtectWise, by taking a new approach that provides pervasive visibility, is providing an enlightened path to security via the ProtectWise Grid. Earlier this year, ProtectWise announced a comprehensive partnership with Palo Alto Networks, enabling joint customers with increased visibility, threat detection and optimized incident response workflows for the network layer. Complete knowledge of who and what is on the network, enabled by the Palo Alto-ProtectWise integration, has proven to be invaluable to this Healthcare Company.

Continuing on this path of pervasive visibility, ProtectWise recently announced an integration with Carbon Black. With this integration, security professionals can now get enriched visibility that includes that “last mile” - i.e., endpoint context. That’s important, given that end-user devices factor in over 65% of security incidents. Now, from within ProtectWise, analysts get on-demand access to any available endpoint information (e.g., host name associated with an IP address) and endpoint forensics. Analysts can now not only view processes that ran on the endpoint and made a connection to the network, but actually see the data sent on the network. This integration makes it easier to identify the cause of an attack, and reduce the time required for remediation.

Visibility is the foundation for any good security program. Using network and endpoint context in the ProtectWise Grid increases visibility and puts analysts on the path to better decision making. But these integrations are just the beginning. Incorporating threat detection from the diverse security products in use at organizations will increase clarity. Additional integrations will enable the ProtectWise Grid to feed correlated threat detections and pervasive visibility to existing network enforcement points. By working closely with a broad range of technologies and strategic partners, ProtectWise is enabling a shift from the current approach to enterprise security to one that provides better protection.

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