Pioneering enterprises are adopting a cloud-first and even a cloud-only approach to corporate IT more quickly than some CISOs can handle. In fact, by 2020, Gartner estimates that strategies that put business systems and data into the cloud will be the norm, not the exception.

That’s a tough situation for security teams still managing a multitude of traditional security products. Attempting to stay ahead of the next cyber attack means analysts have to jump in and out of different interfaces to find the information they need, or worse, to mitigate attacks that they may or may not even know are happening.

Over the years, these stacks grew as organizations added different, feature-focused point products and other bleeding-edge technologies to the mix. In an effort to provide at least some coverage, some vendors “cloud washed” their products, but far too often without the ease of use or visibility they promised.

It’s also unlikely that a typical enterprise uses just one cloud instance from one particular provider. Most large enterprises today are made up of highly heterogeneous, globally dispersed environments that include physical data centers, a mix of private and public cloud environments, and even hybrid environments. Having separate products to secure these different scenarios isn’t just impractical, it’s inane.

Having comprehensive visibility into these mixed environments is critical for any business that wants to move to the cloud and keep its sensitive data safe, and our partnership with Ixia provides exactly that.

ProtectWise and Ixia make it easy to secure workloads in the Cloud, including multi-cloud environments, in addition to traditional on-premises networks. Running entirely from the Cloud, The ProtectWise Grid delivers pervasive visibility via automatic real-time and retrospective threat detection, long-term retention of full-fidelity packet capture (PCAP) and unlimited forensic exploration.

Ixia CloudLens™ simplifies capture of network traffic from public cloud, virtual, or physical environments and delivers it to The ProtectWise Grid seamlessly. Through this integration, ProtectWise and Ixia give security teams a single solution for end-to-end visibility across heterogenous public cloud, enterprise, and hybrid environments.

Join us on Tuesday, July 19 for our webinar “3 Things to Know When Securing Mixed- and Multi-Cloud Environments” to learn how easy it is to secure the Cloud with the joint ProtectWise-Ixia solution and:

  • Why security in mixed- and multi-cloud environments can be difficult

  • How moving to the Cloud limits visibility for legacy security solutions

  • How a modern approach to security provides pervasive visibility

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