If you missed the RSA Conference 2017, let me share with you a key take-away: The cloud is here, it’s growing and where organizations of all shapes and sizes are going, and you need to keep it secure. Even if you already knew that, RSAC made it clear that enterprises either have or are making a mammoth shift to the cloud.

That makes this an exciting time for us. The cloud presents a huge opportunity for enterprises to scale their operations, quickly, and cost effectively. That’s driven our innovative vision for security that accommodates the unique challenges that come with moving sensitive systems, processes, and data to the cloud.

Having to use different products to get a complete picture of threats shouldn’t be the way analysts have to work. ProtectWise is a single platform that provides comprehensive visibility into threats on any network segment, including those not owned by the organization, such as the cloud. Read “Detecting Threats in the Cloud with the Cloud” to learn more.

The guiding design principle for The ProtectWise GridTM interface was to provide a revolutionary, engaging new way to visualize network security. It gives analysts one-click access to the information they need for efficient incident investigation and response.

That experience is unmatched today by any other vendor, but that's not enough for us. So, we upped the ante.

At RSAC we debuted Immersive Security SM, the next step in the evolution of security innovation. By combining the advanced analytics of The ProtectWise Grid with a high-performance gaming engine we can turn your network into a virtual cityscape. WIth a three-dimensional network visualization, analysts can see quickly which devices, segments, and endpoints need their attention the most.

An exciting reveal at RSAC 2017 was The Immersive Grid SM, a unique experience that uses VR technology to put analysts inside their networks so they can interact with with real data in real-time. This scalable, multi-user environment eclipses yesterday’s dated security interfaces, and allows analysts to patrol, hunt, and respond to threats like never before. It improves visibility of threats and collaborative problem solving for security teams, and helps enterprises attract and retain a new generation of threat hunters.

The Immersive Grid is currently in beta with our early adopter customers and will be generally available later this year. You can become an Immersive Grid Insider by signing up for future updates at www.immersivesecurity.com.

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