Security breaches are going to happen. The challenge is making sure security teams can respond quickly to minimize the damage. Mitigating and resolving threats is tough work though, and it often requires working through manual processes, disconnected activities, and an overwhelming body of data.  

These are some of the reasons we partner with security orchestration innovators like Demisto -- to enable security analysts to move quickly from detection to response and resolution. ProtectWise leverages advanced analysis techniques and unlimited retention of full-fidelity network traffic to provide highly reliable detection of known and unknown threats in real-time and retrospectively. Demisto provides automation playbooks that convert these detections into action for the point products in your security infrastructure.

The average enterprise has deployed at least 70 different security products. While all of these products no doubt serve important purposes, the time it takes to manage them hampers the effectiveness of security teams that are all too often understaffed and overworked. It also helps explain why some participants of last week’s joint webinar “See Clearly and Respond Quickly from the Network to the Endpoint,” said it could take days or even months to investigate security incidents, which is especially troubling if the goal is to move quickly to minimize damage.

Joint solutions like ours are critical, especially as new security products come to market at an increasing pace. These products need to do their jobs, but they also need to work with existing infrastructures if they’re truly going to make security teams more agile. ProtectWise and Demisto enable security analysts to move quickly from detection to response and resolution by automating repeatable processes, enabling analysts to do in seconds what used to take hours.

Armed with these capabilities, analysts can remediate threats quickly, reduce dwell time, and improve recovery time. That helps keep your brand and its reputation protected. Our joint solution also detects threats retrospectively and can remediate events predictively to keep your team ahead of sophisticated attacks.

Together with Demisto, ProtectWise detections can trigger events like opening a ticket and remediating events automatically, which frees up precious resources. All of this results in spending less time responding which empowers analysts to spend more time hunting for threats proactively, which makes their jobs more enjoyable and helps you attract great talent -- all while keeping your business protected.

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