Visibility in the cyber security sector has long been considered a luxury item, but today that will change.

We're excited to announce the ProtectWise Grid, an enterprise security platform that delivers pervasive visibility, deep analytics, and an immersive experience—on demand, creating a fundamentally new model for more enlightened network security.

The Grid provides our customers with an intuitive, actionable experience, changing the way we look at data and revolutionizing the way the enterprise currently deals with threats.

Thus far, our customers are seeing great success in finding and responding to threats that were previously invisible to them. The Grid's contextual interface gives users a precise yet panoramic and multi-faceted window into what demands their attention most. Now, with this unprecedented level of visibility into the network, a new generation of threat hunters can act from knowing and collaborate in ways that enable not only faster, but smarter and more self-assured response to threats.

In addition to the pervasive visibility necessary to make decisions more nimbly, The ProtectWise Grid also provides the perspective to learn from the past. In looking at network activity retrospectively, our users can witness the genesis of complex threats as they take shape. And instead of patching the symptoms of a breach, they are able to trace it back to its source. By looking backwards, customers are then able to direct action forward.

Our vision of enlightened security has come to fruition and continues to evolve as we delve deeper into the myriad possibilities that today's technology offers. While the ProtectWise Grid gives users insight into the network like never before, our dedicated team continues to refine its expression and evolve the way people think about security.

If you are at Black Hat this week, please come by booth #164 and say hello!

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