How much does the ProtectWise service cost?

The ProtectWise Grid is a subscription service. Pricing is tiered and based on the amount of network traffic ingested and the length of time network data is retained for retrospection (1-month, 3-months, 6-months or 1-year). There is no additional charge for software sensors and it requires no ProtectWise hardware.

For more detailed information on pricing, contact our sales team at sales@protectwise.com or +1.855.650.0209.

How can I be assured that my data is secure in the ProtectWise cloud platform?

Our platform architecture, application and operations are all designed to put the customer in complete control of their data and deliver the highest levels of trust, security and privacy available. This is based on a key set of features that:

  • Enable flexible network coverage models so sensors can be deployed at the gateway, in the DMZ, in the corporate cloud or at the network core.
  • Provide the flexibility to configure sensors to capture netflow, metadata, truncated flows or full-fidelity PCAP by protocol and application. Customers also have the ability to control visibility into any network flow through locally enforced policy.
  • Preserve and persist encryption.
  • Ensure security for data at rest and in motion.
  • Scatter and obfuscate data across our cloud platform using our patent-pending Network Shattering™ technology.

If you'd like to read more about the extraordinary steps we take to ensure the trust, security and privacy, download our Advanced Trust, Security and Privacy by Design white paper.

If I replay my network traffic to the cloud, won't it consume too much bandwidth?

ProtectWise sensors use patent-pending Optimized Network Replay technology to optimize and compress network traffic, reducing bandwidth consumption up to 80 percent and removing irrelevant traffic packets that have no security analysis value.

The sensors are completely configurable, providing customers with complete control over packet capture policy. The ProtectWise Sensor Profiler provides complete visibility into the composition of the traffic and gives customers the ability to quickly configure sensors to capture and replay full packets, netflow/metadata or stream heads by application and protocol.

How does the ProtectWise platform handle such a massive amount of data?

The ProtectWise secure cloud platform is highly concurrent, distributed and fault tolerant. Our team of scale and security experts built the platform from the ground up to handle massive volumes of data using a petabit architecture.

What do you do with encrypted traffic?

The ProtectWise Wisdom Engine uses machine learning, protocol analysis, certificate extraction and other data inputs to provide valuable insight into encrypted traffic. ProtectWise can also integrate with your existing SSL decryption devices to gain visibility into decrypted traffic flows.

How long can you retain and retrospect data? Is there a limit?

Our standard pricing packages offer retention for 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month periods. Longer retention periods are available. For more information, please contact sales at sales@protectwise.com or +1.855.650.0209.

What other type of security solutions can ProtectWise integrate with?

The ProtectWise secure APIs work with almost any technology in the world. You can send outside data streams and analysis to the ProtectWise Visualizer or incorporate ProtectWise data and analytical feeds into your own proprietary visualization, SIEM and other reporting tools using our APIs or via a syslog emitter.

Our publicly documented, secure APIs make it easy for developers to build applications on the platform. This includes both restful and streaming APIs.

How much traffic can one ProtectWise network sensor handle?

Each sensor can replay multi-gigabits per second of data. Customers can deploy as many sensors as they need at no additional cost.

What is the deployment process? How long does it take?

Deploying the sensor typically takes less than 10 minutes. As a cloud delivered service, ProtectWise provides rapid deployment and evaluation.

How many sensors can I deploy? How much do they cost?

There is no additional charge for the sensors and customers can deploy as many sensors as they need to achieve the network coverage they require.

What if I don't want to replay full PCAP but just want to replay part of my network traffic?

The ProtectWise network sensors are completely configurable and policy-based. Customers are given the flexibility to configure sensors to capture netflow, metadata, truncated flows or full-fidelity packet capture by protocol and application.

What types of threats does ProtectWise detect?

The ProtectWise Wisdom Engine performs continuous, integrated threat detection both in real time and retrospectively. By combining payload inspection, contextual analysis and advanced heuristics with novel machine learning algorithms, ProtectWise is able to detect a broad range of security events, including exploit delivery, malware and data exfiltration attempts across more than 4,000 applications and protocols.

Have more questions? Contact ProtectWise Sales at sales@protectwise.com and +1.855.650.0209.