Advanced Intrusion Detection

The ProtectWise Grid™ provides highly reliable threat detection and extends the coverage area of intrusion detection systems (IDS) beyond the perimeter.

Solution Brief          Use Case: Global Trading Firm


Increased Detection Efficacy

Distil thousands of alarms down to rapid, confident investigations with one-click access to full-packet capture data. The ProtectWise Grid correlates suspicious activity with security events for context that explains why an event was generated. Advanced techniques like machine learning, custom threat intel and cross-customer analysis complement signatures and rules, and reduces false positives.

Automatic Retrospective Analysis

Discover matches of newly-discovered vulnerabilities in your previously captured PCAP data. The ProtectWise Grid offers indefinite retention of full-packet forensics, and only ProtectWise enables security teams to determine with confidence if their organization has ever been impacted and reduces dwell time.

Pervasive Visibility

Deploy as many lightweight software sensors as you need, anywhere you need them, for high-resolution threat visibility everywhere. Only ProtectWise provides centralized threat management for the network core, perimeter, owned and unowned cloud assets, and industrial control systems (ICS).



IDS Solution Brief          IDS Use Case