Feature delivers more effective intrusion detection by eliminating one-size-fits-all approach to threat intelligence

DENVER, COLO, April 25, 2017​—​ProtectWise™, the enterprise security company that delivers pervasive visibility, automated threat detection and unlimited forensic exploration, today introduced Bring Your Own Intelligence (BYOI) capabilities to its platform, The ProtectWise Grid™. Available to all ProtectWise customers by the end of this month, BYOI enables security teams to customize their threat intelligence for more reliable threat detection and faster incident response.

“Every organization’s network is unique, yet most security teams face a one-size-fits-all approach to threat intelligence,” said Ramon Peypoch, Chief Product Officer, ProtectWise. “Commercial products provide the same standard threat intel feeds to all of their subscribers which leads to superfluous alerts and extra legwork for threat analysts. As a component of The ProtectWise Grid, BYOI enables security teams to focus on the intel that’s most important for their organization and filter out the rest — making them more efficient and effective at protecting their networks in real time and retrospectively.”

Key benefits of the ProtectWise BYOI capabilities are:

  • Customized threat intelligence — Analysts can tailor threat intelligence for their unique network and use it to complement intel from other sources including law enforcement, industry consortiums, or third parties.

  • Critical threat intel integrated into a single extensible platform — Organizations can integrate context from other network and endpoint products within their security architecture into one cloud-based platform with The ProtectWise Grid.

  • Visibility into the inner workings of rules — Commercial and other third party threat intel sources typically take a black-box approach to writing and tuning rules. BYOI provides analysts with complete visibility into the inner workings of rules, along with the ability to tune, copy and customize new rules.

  • Increased value of intel feeds in retrospection — The typical time lag between third party threat intel creation and its receipt and use by security teams can compromise its efficacy as attack techniques change in that interval. Pairing this intel with historical network data, however, enables analysts to confidently determine whether threats have ever impacted their organization.

Dave Ruedger, Director of Cybersecurity Operations and Chief Security Architect at Maxim Integrated, participated in the ProtectWise BYOI beta program.

My team is responsible for securing IT operations for a multinational company with  customers in industries ranging from healthcare to transportation, and we’ve deployed ProtectWise in each of our major worldwide locations,” said Ruedger. “Our needs are very specific, and we’ve been thrilled with the visibility the new BYOI feature gives us into the massive rule set from ProtectWise. We are able to modify its rules for our own unique use cases, which is a great benefit on top of the visibility The ProtectWise Grid gives us into our entire global network.”

ProtectWise will hold a webinar on the fundamentals of BYOI April 26, 2017, at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. ET. To attend, register at http://info.protectwise.com/BYOI-webinar.

About ProtectWise

ProtectWise™ harnesses the power of the recorded network to provide a new utility model for enterprise security. The company’s platform, The ProtectWise Grid™, captures full fidelity network traffic for real-time and retrospective analysis in an advanced visual presentation. Delivered entirely from the cloud, The ProtectWise Grid is an integrated solution that provides frictionless deployment and scalability.

Founded in April 2013, ProtectWise is based in Denver and led by a team of security and SaaS industry veterans from McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec. The company launched the Immersive SecuritySM movement in 2017 to build a new path forward for the security industry. ProtectWise has raised more than $67 million in funding. For more information, visit www.protectwise.com.