Security Analytics

The ProtectWise Grid™ includes on-demand cloud security analytics for more effective forensic analysis, incident response and threat hunting.

Solution Brief          Use Case: Healthcare Company


Comprehensive Correlated Context

Get the full picture from the network to the endpoint. The ProtectWise Grid correlates netflow, PCAP data and logs, and integrates with firewall, threat intelligence, and endpoint technology.

Cloud-powered Analysis

Conduct more effective threat hunting and forensic investigations. The ProtectWise Grid uses the unconstrained power of the cloud to train machine learning models on billions of attributes, generating highly reliable results and infusing data with security context.

Automatic Retrospective Analysis

Discover threats that were missed previously and reduce dwell time. The ProtectWise Grid continuously evaluates historical network traffic and packet data against the latest threat intelligence and enables security teams to use what was discovered in the past to inform predictive discovery of security threats.

Pervasive Visibility

Conduct rapid, effective investigations that eliminate blind spots. The ProtectWise Grid collects full-fidelity network forensics and relevant contextual information from all network segments, including those not owned by the organization, and stores these for as long as needed and valuable.

Automate and Orchestrate Workflows

Benefit from having all of your security investments work together. The ProtectWise Grid integrates with and extends your security ecosystem, enabling use of its highly reliable analysis for more effective and automated detection-triage-resolution workflows.


Security Analytics Solution Brief          Security Analytics Use Case